xfwm4 window manager lubuntu

to install the xfwm4 window manager as default in lubuntu you first have to download and install the package :
sudo apt-get install xfwm4

than you have to make xfwm4 the default window manager.
to do this go to : preferences > desktop session settings
in the advance tab change openbox to xfwm4

to change your session files do :
cd ~/.config/lxsession
mkdir Lubuntu
cp LXDE/* Lubuntu/

now when you reboot xfwm4 is your default manager but to show xfce apps in your lxde menu you will have to change some files

open for example: xfce-wmtweaks-settings.desktop
and remove :

Change the theme via xfwm4-settings

for more themes install shimmer-themes :
sudo apt-get install shimmer-themes

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